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Pictorial Stone Pillars of the Sun Family
Image of Three Sheep Heads
Image of Four Deities
Image of Wind Deity and Battling With Barbarians
Mural of Dong Ping Han Tombs
Image of Lord Zhou Assisting King Cheng and Ding-cauldron Fishing in the Si River
Exhibition of Han Dynasties Pictorial Art
The Han Dynasties pictorial stone is an architectural structure, with carved images on it, in the underground tombs, cemeteries, ancestral halls and temples of the Han Dynasties. The Han people used knives to depict on the stone the life, funeral customs, religious beliefs and other aspects, which is acclaimed as the painting scroll of the Han Dynasties.

The Han Dynasties pictorial stones of Shandong province are the outstanding representative of Chinese Han Dynasties pictorial art. It is very unique in the world ancient art treasures with people’s simple and deep national consciousness it shows.
The Han Dynasties pictorial stones collected in Shandong Museum are mainly unearthed or found in Jinan, Jining, Zaozhuang and Linyi, etc. The representative pictorial stones of the famous Mt. Xiaotang ancestral hall, Wu family’s ancestral hall in Jiaxiang, Han tomb in Beizhai of Yinan are displayed in the museum by different techniques. People could feel the everlasting artistic style of Han dynasties through the carved pictures.
Address:No. 2 exhibition hall on the first floor
Time:Tuesday-Sunday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
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