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The Exhibition of the Results of Archaeology
Time:Tuesday-Thursday 9:00-17:00      Address:The 15 Exhibition Hall in Third floor

This exhibition displays some of Shandong’s great archaeological achievements and how they were achieved, including ancient salt industry in Shuangwang city site of Shouguang, City ruins of Western Zhou period from Chen village of Gaoqing county, Noble Mausoleum of Spring and Autumn Period from Liujiadian Yishui county, Great Mausoleum number two of Warring States period from Zihedian Linzi district, Lacquer ware and silks of the Han Dynasty from Haiqu Rizhao city, and other Archaeological findings of Han dynasty. You will experience and understand the long history of Shandong region, as well as its rich culture heritages, and the fascination of Qi-lu Culture.

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